Conjugal Love, A Path to God – published in the Irish Catholic

“This book was prepared by an international team at the heart of the Teams of Our Lady. They researched it across multiple cultures and languages, taking into account the challenges faced by couples, endeavouring to live the gospel message in their lives in today’s world.

It provides the reader with deep insights into the wonder and greatness of Christian marriage, its sacramentality and spirituality. It takes the reader through the journey couples make in Christian marriage, through all its stages, its highs and lows, its joys and crises.

One could not give young couples setting out on their married lives a more appropriate or inspiring gift than this distillation of the wisdom and experience of the world-wide Teams of Our Lady.

It will leave them secure in the conviction that Christian marriage enhances their love of God by sanctifying their own mutual love.”

– J Anthony Gaughan, The Irish Catholic, Oct 15 2020


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