Discussions Introduction

Today we are challenged for a deeper understanding of marriage as a true community of Love. Why not explore this great mystery together. Sometimes as with other experiences in life we often lose the meaning and essence of what it is to be truly human. To respond to this challenge it is important to reflect on our spiritual being and in particular what is Married Spirituality? To commence a deeper reflection we propose here a definition for married spirituality and invite your comments to open dialogue on this great subject.

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Married Spirituality

Married Spirituality is an environment of love where the couple support each other to grow in wholeness both as individual and as couple. Here they will experience a deepening joy, excitement and the surprise of being loved. They learn together the values and the fundamentals of their commitment of love while involving the totality of each other as holistic human persons. A community of love grows as the couple develop mutual respect, reciprocity and intimacy which leads to a spirit of hospitality. This way they explore the true beauty of human Love.

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