Conjugal Love – Irish Teams newsletter Autumn issue

Great News of a new Publication

“Conjugal Love: A Path to God”
Reflecting the thoughts of Father Henri Caffarel

(Spiritual counsellor to the first Team of Teams of Our Lady in Paris in 1939 and whose
Cause for Canonisation was commenced in 2006.)

We are happy to bring you this internationally researched book based largely on Father Caffarel’s insights and teaching on the beauty and greatness of the vocation of marriage; its sacramentality and spirituality and the challenges of the lived experience in today’s busy world.

In “The Joy of Love” Pope Francis says: ‘Conjugal love embraces the good of the whole person; it can enrich the sentiments of the spirit and their physical expression with a unique dignity’. More than 70 years ago Father Caffarel said of the Teams Movement: “Equipes Notre-Dame has as its essential aim to help couples to strive after holiness – no more, no less”.

In 1970 Pope Paul V1 quoting Father Caffarel said:

“Marriage is the only community based on a Sacrament.”

Father Caffarel advised us that: “The laity must clearly define the means and methods that would constitute the spirituality of a married Christian.” This book provides great new understanding of the message of the Church on the Sacrament of Marriage, on sexuality and fruitfulness, on the pastoral activity of the couple and on the moral life as a requirement of love.

An International Team, at the heart of Equipes Notre-Dame and linked to “The Friends of Father Caffarel” were invited to form the Atelier Mariage, to carry out a work of observation, research and of reflection. Their conclusions are presented in this book and show how much Father Caffarel renewed the thinking of the Church on the couple and on marriage.

The co-authors of this work were: Constanza and Alberto Alvarado (Columbia), Marie and Louis d’Amonville (France and friends of Father Caffarel), Elaine and John Cogavin (Ireland), Cidinha and Igar Fehr (Brazil), Mons. Francois Fleischmann (France), Mercedes and Alvaro Gomez-Ferrer(Spain), Marie-Christine and Gerard de Roberty ( France) and Maria Carla and Carlo Volpini (Italy).

Anyone taking on the reading and study of this book will find within it many gems from the treasure trove that is Father Caffarel’s writings. He has left us a legacy for future generations who wish to deepen their understanding of marriage as their vocation and calling in life.

The book already published in French and Italian is available in English from 16 th September 2020.
Contact www.marriedspirituality or call or text 087 236 0622. Cost €10 + €4 P & P.