Reading John’s Book on the Spirituality of Married Life has given me a greater appreciation of the gift and sanctity of marriage.
I have come to the realisation that a marriage between a husband and wife is a vehicle whereby two become one in a living, mutual relationship of love.


John and Elaine’s book provides a rich cluster of contexts in which Christian Married Spirituality can be understood and lived by married couples. The end result is a book that makes the fruits of the work of Equipes Notre Dame available to all who seek a clear articulation of the spiritual richness of married life.


What does it mean to love another human being and to commit our lives to them in marriage?
This book, which combines wide research with concrete life experience of marriage, identifies marriage as a lifelong journey needing constant attention and nourishment.
The structure of the book and particularly the questions at the end of each chapter provide a wonderful resource for any couple who seek to deepen their experience of marriage today.


I am convinced of one core truth about us all: without finding some constant spaces of support, in today’s world we can suffer from a kind of malnutrition of our humanity and of our faith. This book is food in that desert.


From family car journeys to memories of sky high mortgage rates, the spirituality of marriage offered in this book comes from the living out of marriage and from the ongoing pondering of a couple on that experience. While also drawing on widely researched and thought provoking wisdom, the spirituality put forward by John Cogavin is deeply insightful yet compellingly human.